Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Came Early!

Apparently my mom had done some Christmas shopping for me already and this past weekend realized that all the clothes she had purchased for me for Christmas were unlikely to fit at Christmas, so I got presents this weekend! Yay! New skirt, sweater and blouse. They do all fit, currently, and I'll make sure that they get lots of wearing before my belly starts to pop. Which apparently happens faster with baby #2. My ab muscles are already starting to ache and if I turn funny or lift something heavy (like Baby A) they protest. I guess they remember what's coming.

Had a few hormonal moments this weekend. My patience levels have been so very, very low. There was a point where Baby A was pitching a fit and the dogs were both dancing under my feet and running over Baby A in the process and I pretty much picked up my 70 lbs Big M and put him on the other side of the room. At that, Old Lady ran to her bed laid down real fast and I could see her saying to Big M 'just don't dude, just don't.' My husband came in and took over, told me to go back to whatever it was I was doing. Later I said to my husband 'I guess I was a little hormonal.' What he heard was 'I guess I need a hormone pill' to which he said 'seriously?? a hormone pill??? you don't need anything else running around in there!!'

Yep. Gotcha. Loud and Clear.  Mama's crazy everyone run for your lives!

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