Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I have a parasite

I'm at that fun stage of pregnancy where no one knows, but I still have doctors appointments and so have to keep coming up with reasons to be out. It's not that my office is that stringent and I'm only allowed certain excused absences, it's more like everyone here is family and they tend to be concerned if you have more than one appointment a month.

'Is something wrong?'
'Um, I have a parasite.'

Hmmm...Probably not the best answer, although not far off...

Thanksgiving was wonderful although it was great to get back home and to our regular routine. It's amazing how important that routine is. I need it. Baby A needs it. The dogs need it. We all work so well when on our routine.

I am constantly amazing by what a trooper my little peanut is. She's around new people, not in her own bed, in her own house and she just keeps on keeping on. She plays, laughs, smiles and pitches fits, just like at home. She did learn a new behavior over the holiday though. Begging. That's fun. Someone was eating at just about any given point during the weekend and Baby A learned to toddler over, point at the item they were eating and then point to her mouth. 'Feed me'. Loud and Clear! And they all did. Pumpkin pie, Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, Cheese, Crackers, you name it. We got home and that evening my husband sat down with his normal after dinner Oreos and Milk and don't you know, Baby A toddled over and requested some. Denied! Daddy don't share Oreos!

Thursday I have my first ultrasound. I'm very excited and hope we're able to hear the heartbeat. That's such a wonderful moment. It becomes so much more real and makes not having had any wine over Thanksgiving a little easier to deal with. I do miss my wine. When I'm home it's not a big deal. When we're surrounded by family and food and the corks are flying...it's a whole lot harder.

I poured my milk into a wine glass last night, just because. Me and my parasite roll like that.

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