Wednesday, November 28, 2012

'Reasonable' is in the Eye of the Beholder (or Doctor)

So, went back to the eye doctor yesterday because of this recurring irritation issue. I gave up on the whole double dipping doctor insanity and just showed up yesterday at the new eye doctor's office and handed him my whole mess.

Issue 1 - Recurring Eye Allergy
Issue 2 - Pregnant, can't take anything to help clear it up
Issue 3 - Glasses are 10 years old, falling apart and out of date

Overall I really liked the new guy. He talked about what he was looking for in my eyes and what the reactions meant. There really isn't anything medicated he can give me right now so he said we're going to have to find the cause of the allergy. To speed this process, he wants me to throw out all my makeup, makeup brushes, facial moisturizer and cleanser and start from scratch from an approved list of hypoallergenic and ophthalmologistically (new word)  tested products.

I did mention this doctor was male, right? Yeah, he probably thinks this is a completely reasonable request.

My husband didn't realize the issue until I told him that I spent $80 yesterday to replace a few things.

Note the word: few

Meanwhile I am make up free for two weeks while we try to see if that will clear up the irritation. I would like to think I have not reached the age in life that requires makeup in order to look 'normal'. However, there's a level of professionalism that I feel is maintained by hair, face, nails and clothes being 'done'. Suit and no makeup feels a lot like I'm wearing my pj's to the office.

Mmmmmmm, pj's at the office. I like that idea.

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