Thursday, August 21, 2014


We are struggling with Ali a little more than usual lately and I have begun to suspect that it may be related to sibling jealousy. Elle is mobile, getting into everything, including Ali's toys, and is requiring much more of my attention to keep her out of trouble. She's also eating solid foods and requires my attention during feedings which I have to do early in the evening because she goes to bed earlier than Ali.

Ali used to go to bed around 8, sometimes 8:30 but the new nap schedule at her school has her napping much earlier in the day (which I'm not a huge fan of) and so by 7 she's already pretty tired. So, we backed her bedtime up to 7:30. But we get home at 5:30, so my current schedule in the evening gives me two hours to get everything done before it's bedtime.

In the two hours that I am home. I have no opportunity to sit and play with Ali. We have bath time, but that's not really play time. We have book time, but that's not really playtime either. The evenings are so busy, with so much to fit in.

I can't imagine how she feels right now. New school. New Schedule. Potty training. Elle is growing and changing so fast and Ali is turning three next week.

She is such a good girl, and so good at entertaining herself that I think I've really lost sight of the fact that she is still just a baby. She's only three and she needs her mama. I need to be finding ways for her to be with me in the evenings and not just automatically turn on an episode of some cartoon for her to watch.

My baby.

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  1. I struggle with the same thing! I'm always feeling bad that I'm not spending more time with my kids individually. It's so tough to fit everything in. I'm impressed your daughter is in bed by 7:30 too!