Monday, August 11, 2014

The Visit - Part 1

My sister and grandmother are in town for several weeks.

My sister lives in Germany and flies home two or three times a year. The last time she was here was at Christmas just in time for Elle's entrance into the world. Last week she flew into Boston and picked up our 94 year old grandmother and flew with her down to Georgia and are at my parents house. I kept the girls out of school on Friday and went over for a visit.

It was probably one of the cutest things ever. My grandmother, Mimi, and Elle bonded in the sweetest way.

How many 94 year old ladies do you see laying on the floor to play with their great granddaughter?

I am immensely thankful for these memories and images. Mimi is in town for about a month so we'll see a lot more of her and a lot of other family that is coming in to visit while she's here. We're a pretty central spot for incoming family and much more easily accessible than New England so we've got family from Florida, North Carolina and Texas all coming in over the next two weeks or so to visit Mimi and my girls. I have no illusions, they're not coming to see me. :) I'm pretty sure my attendance is not required as long as I drop off the girls.

Those will continue the 'Visit' series of posts.

Happy Monday everyone.

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