Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Ok, here's a happy post. Damn it.

Ali is having a blast at school. I have no idea what she's learning, but she comes home every day telling me about the really big playground and how she gets to sleep with her 'school' blanket at nap time (something that was very much not allowed at Mama T's) and that she had fruit at lunch.

I'm fairly sure there are a few other things going on during the day, but those are the things she's excited about.

She's making lots of new friends and we're starting to hear some regular names being mentioned, Amy, Aubrey, Zoe and Maddie. So far all girls which is funny, she was always the only girl at Mama T's so I half expected her to gravitate toward the boys to hang out.

They do little art projects each day and Elle does also occasionally, which is cute. I have little baby footprints on the fridge right now and a whole pile of art from Ali.

The schedule change has been a little tough on Elle, she's used to a quiet room all to herself at naptime and now she's in with 6 or 8 other babies so once she wakes up, she starts looking around for someone to play with instead of rolling over and going back to sleep.

Ali is my little trooper though. She's still having a few tears in the morning when I first drop her off, but by the time I bring Elle to the baby room, and peek back in the window at Ali, she's already off playing and having a good time. My little drama queen.

And, what's really crazy, is my little drama queen is going to be three in just 19 days. Three years old. How did that happen? It's been such a hectic summer that I don't have the energy to put a party together and the whole thing seems odd anyway. Ali is aware that her birthday is coming though and she has asked for a really, really big pink birthday party. I can do that.

Ali at school.

Playing on the 'really big playground'

Building Towers

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  1. Your little Ali is adorable and I'm so happy she's adjusting to school so well! What a cutie.