Sunday, March 8, 2015

I did it

I still feel odd, having shared with everyone the blog but I am astounded by the response. My sister and my sister in law are both asking questions and commenting (to me, not on the blog) about the recipes and how I make the decisions, the layout, the list, etc.

But I had so many friends, and odd friends, on facebook love the idea and the plan.

I don't know why I'm surprised at that, but I am. Friends that I rarely interact with on FB who are excited for the blog and the weekly menu option. I guess that's what I hoped for but it still feels odd.

My next step will be to set up a facebook page for the blog.

I feel like there's a lot more pressure now to continue and perform and I hope I can keep it going.

This weekend was a little different because my in laws and my sister in law were visiting, which was awesome, but that changes my ability to plan, shop and cook. I will probably still attempt to put a meal together but will likely keep it simple.

I knew it was foolish to be so afraid of sharing something like that. I can't explain it well but I know most people probably understand that feeling of exposure.

I hope it's helpful. That's ultimately my goal.

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