Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Big Girl

My little Ali is getting too big too fast.

She is three and a half and while 100% potty trained during the day and during nap time, night time has been a completely different story. I really wasn't pushing it or expecting her to make it through the night and even though it wasn't bothering me all that much, it was, apparently bothering her. She knew she shouldn't be having a full pull-up every morning and we've had several mornings recently where she would wake up crying because the smell bothered her.

More recently after our normal bed time which includes brushing teeth, going potty, changing into pajamas and reading books, I ended up going back into Ali's room for some reason and realized that she had already peed in her pull up. I hadn't been out of the room for 20 minutes and we had just gone.

She hadn't called me to tell me she had to go potty, she just went in the pull up.

Backing up a bit, it should be explained that my girls are not allowed to leave their beds. They stay in bed until I come get them in the morning, or after nap.

So, after some discussion my husband and I decided that Ali was old enough to be allowed to get up when she has to go to the bathroom and that she's enough of a rule follower that it wouldn't get too out of hand.

We laid out the rules for her and told her that because she was such a big girl now, and such a good girl, she was now allowed to get up at night or during nap if she had to go to the bathroom. She is to go potty, wash her hands and immediately get back in bed. There's no playing. This isn't a game.

She was beside herself with pride that she was now allowed to get up without having to call me.

So the first night my husband and I put her to bed, tuck her in and go over the rules again, just to be clear. We then walk down the hall to our room and are talking about our day, putting work clothes away, etc, when the door to Ali's room pops open and she comes (literally) hopping out. Not 5 minutes after we had just left her room. She sees us and freezes! I suppress the laugh and tell her to go potty and then hop back in bed. She does just that. No problems. But my husband and I had to hurry downstairs to laugh where she couldn't hear us.

The next night my husband was at his Bible Study class and it was just Big M and I hanging on the couch after the girls bedtime. Ali got up and went to the bathroom three times in about 30 minutes. I could not stop laughing but the funniest thing was how completely freaked out the dog was whenever the toilet would flush! As far as he was concerned, it should be a silent house. There shouldn't be anyone upstairs making those noises!

The third night she did not get out of bed right away, but at midnight I hear her crying. So I get out of bed to find her in the bathroom crying. When I asked her why, she said the toilet scared her.


All I can figure is that at midnight, in a silent house, after having been sound asleep, the toilet flush was louder than she expected?? Maybe??

Anyway, the end result in all this is that she has woken up with a dry pull up all three mornings and is extremely proud of herself.

My big girl.

Ali at four months. Feels like yesterday. :(

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