Friday, March 27, 2015

Karma, or really confused customer service?

A month or so ago JC Penny was having a great home sale online. Ok, they're pretty much always having a great home sale, but this one ended up being about 50% off their towels and sheets so I bought a bunch of stuff, saved a ton of money and happily waited for my delivery.

I ordered four hand towels and was charged for four hand towels. When the package arrived there were five hand towels.


It's a $5 towel, do I tell customer service or just keep it?

I decided the right thing to do was tell customer service, expecting that for a $5 towel, they'll say 'so sorry, just keep it'.

They didn't. They said 'So sorry. Put it back in the box and we'll have UPS come pick it up on Monday.'

Ok, whatever. I didn't' order it, I didn't pay for it. If JC Penny wants to go through the effort of scheduling a UPS driver to come get it and bring it back to their warehouse, that's fine.

So I boxed it back up, left it out and UPS got it that Monday.

Yesterday I checked my bank account and noticed that JC Penny had credited me for the returned towel.


Not only did they credit me for a returned towel, that I didn't pay for in the first place. They credited me the full price of the towel. Not the $5 sale price I had paid for the others. It was almost a $10 credit.


So basically, I returned one that wasn't mine to start with, and got two free for the effort.

Sorry JC Penny, but I'm keeping this little fact to myself this time.

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