Thursday, May 7, 2015


I have a fashionista. Which is a problem. Because I want to buy her cute little outfits that I think are adorable.

And then she won't wear them.

Do you see this completely adorable outfit?

My sister in law got her that for Easter and I had to fight tooth and nail to get her to wear it to church last week. It is so stinking cute and she got so many compliments during church. She couldn't get out of it fast enough once we were home. I was lucky to get the picture. Notice I did NOT get a smile.

Last week I got some fun things at Old Navy, one of my most favorite places to shop for the girls. Well priced, cute and durable and if they destroy it (which Elle does all the stinking time!) it's not that big a loss.

This dress was a clear winner and Ali immediately put it on, thrilled for the pink lacy tutu.

However I was super excited about this little shirt and leggings set I picked out.

Yeah, she took one look at the top and announced "I don't like it."


It's not fair. I should have had at least two or three more years before we hit this phase. Right??

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