Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mid Vacation

Quick post while my husband is out running. So far it's going well. We're getting into a good routine of keeping Baby A occupied and on schedule for naps and meals. Hubby is doing a lot of the work too. Our only really issue is Old Lady. She's not eating and we don't know why. The other odd thing is Big M and his food. I bought a different variety of the same brand and didn't realize it would be an issue. This is Big M. He loves to eat, he eats anything. Well, I apparently found the one brand that he doesn't like. Or there's something wrong with it, which is my guess. Old Lady got into his food several days ago and hasn't eaten since. *sigh*. My poor girl. I'm trying to wait for next week to take her to the vet and crossing my fingers that she works through it before then.

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