Friday, October 5, 2012

'Spanx' It

So, my birthday was Wednesday. Not a milestone one, just a regular one, 34. Oh well. I actually got my present from my husband last Sunday because he was leaving for work Wednesday morning and we wouldn't really have been able to celebrate anyway. Plus, I knew what he had gotten me since I very, very specifically asked for it and said I didn't want anything else. Music in the kitchen. I spend so much time in there and I love to dance and cook at the same time. So, now I have music in the kitchen. It's been great and the cutest thing is that Baby A will be crawling around doing her regular thing and then stop and do a little bebop dance and then keep crawling and playing. It's awesome. Super cute.

I also got a package from my mother in law. She loves to buy me clothes, probably because I love to get clothes and because my two sister in laws are impossible to shop for. She also always buys me things that I would never in a million years have even thought to try on in the store. The dress she sent me this year is a light shimmery chocolate brown knit, fitted pencil skirt bottom with a loose, draped cowl neck top. Pretty much the exact opposite of any dress I have ever owned and something I typically avoid.

The shape of it looks a little like this but with short sleeves and it's fitted in the middle too, just the top is loose and blousy.

And, she bought a size small. I have lost just about all the baby weight from my pregnancy but things just aren't quite what they used to be. There are some lumps and rolls that never used to be there and I'm very aware of that. I haven't worn any of my dresses all summer because they just don't look the way they used to. Not that they're super tight and not that I really have anything to be embarrassed about, but I hadn't quite decided to give in to my post mommy body and was really dreading trying on this dress and having to tell my mother in law that it either didn't fit or looked terrible. I even think it looks a little dumpy on the model.

I, however, look fantastic and let me tell you why.

I bought a pair of Spanx. Well, the Target brand variety, but still. After trying on the dress and realizing it wasn't half bad, in fact it was mostly good I decided it had room to be better. 

Why the HELL have I not purchased these before?? They're amazing!!! I spent all of Wednesday even after Baby A went to bed going through my entire dress wardrobe realizing what a difference a little bit of spandex makes! Panty lines, GONE! Love handles, GONE! Last little bit of belly roll that I have't lost yet, GONE! 

I will be investing in several more of the wonderful, magical undergarments. And I highly encourage anyone else who hasn't, and has some minor post baby body image issues like me, to run, don't walk, run to your closest Target and stock up!!

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