Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I feel like I need a new goal to work toward and I'm not sure what that should be. I'm (happily) eating again after a miserable two day stomach bug and waiting an extra couple of days to get some calories in my system before heading to the gym. I think if I tried to go right now I'd fall off the treadmill. I did walk the dogs this morning though.

I eat well, I'm exercising ok, not great, but enough to maintain and to be honest, I haven't hit the point where I"m willing to give up my wine to be able to lose the last three pounds from pregnancy. I'm doing well with the pre-planned grocery shopping and have been better organized lately. I'm involved with a dog rescue organization.

I feel like I need a new goal. I don't suppose 'get pregnant' can really count as one but that's definitely something that's on my list. I can't wait to add another peanut to our family. That's actually another reason I'm not willing to give up my wine in order to lose a few pounds, I'm expecting to not be able to drink for 9 months soon and will just put those three right back on with the next one, so, what's the point?

I need something for me. That's fun, easy, inexpensive and has a flexible schedule.

I'd love to dance, but, not cheap, not flexible.
I'd love, love to get back back into boxing, but schedule hits me again.
Yoga - stupidly expensive and schedule
Reading - cheap, flexible - horrible guilt complex just sitting on my butt and 'doing nothing'. I never had that problem until Baby A came into the picture. I used to spend every Sunday afternoon reading. Now, there are so many other things I feel I have to do instead. Plus, it's quite hard to do while she's awake, I have a limited nap time window and usually use that time to clean while she's not around to play in the dirt piles I sweep up from the kitchen.

I want to want to run, does that count? It just doesn't sound fun.

Searching for a goal. I'd like to make year 34 be something more.

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