Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Her Royal Highness, Queen Old Lady

I call her Old Lady because she is my old lady. My girl is almost 11 years old, grey in the muzzle where she used to be all black, stiff from arthritis, walks oddly from a knee replacement two years ago, has a big scar on her shoulder where we had a tumor removed, she's basically falling apart slowly and it hurts my heart. She's my first baby.

However, she is also a spoiled rotten diva. D.I.V.A.

Once the air starts to get a little chilly Old Lady prefers to curl up in my chair in the living room. She doesn't want to curl up with me, she wants me out of the chair so she can be in it and she will stare me down if I sit in it when she's decided it's her turn.

She's developed a new preference. Yesterday evening Old Lady followed me around the house being a pest. She'd already eaten, I tried letting her out, I thought maybe she wanted some quality Mama time and I spent some time snuggling and petting her. No. This was not what the issue was although she wasn't going to argue with a good ear scratching. She eventually gave up and went to her bed in an obvious pout. I started cleaning up the room a bit. As part of the clean up, I folded the blanket that I keep in the living room for me (ME) when I get chilly and I dropped it in my (MY) chair. Two seconds later...

Yes, that was the issue. There wasn't a blanket in the chair for her. My blanket, in my chair. That's what she was being a pest about.

Spoiled. Rotten. Diva.

To top it off, this morning, she hopped up on my bed while I was getting ready for work. This is fairly normal, that's where Big M and Old Lady tend to hang out mostly as an effort to keep out of Baby A's reach. Instead of curling up, Old Lady just stood there and stared at me, from the middle of my bed. I sighed, left the room, came back with a blanket that is usually at the foot of our bed, but had been moved during my stomach bug issue while I slept in the guest room. I put the blanket back on the bed where Old Lady immediately curled up on it.

Yes, Your Majesty. Will there be anything else Your Royal Highness.

Queen Old Lady rules our house with an iron paw.

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