Monday, July 29, 2013

18 Weeks and Braxton Hicks contractions

In the world of pregnancy there is very little that can make you quite as grumpy as regular Braxton Hicks contractions.

They're not so painful that it's worrisome, or so regular that I feel the need to call anyone. They're just enough to be annoying and uncomfortable.

It's super annoying that I'm only 18 weeks into this, not even half way, and they're already pretty intense. What's going to happen in 10 weeks? I am not looking forward to where this is likely to go.

I am excited that I"m feeling her move more. There are definite rolls and pushes. Frequently in the afternoons, apparently she's not a morning baby, which is good, I already have one of those. It's fun now because it's very light, it kind of tickles.

I haven't weighed myself recently. I think I'm around 7 lbs gained, which at 18 weeks, is pretty good. If I gain a pound a week from here on out that puts me right at about 30 lbs total, which I would consider ideal.

Sonogram next week. 20 week checkup is the good one where we can finally find out all her parts and pieces are growing the way they should and make sure she really is a she. My husband is still hoping for a boy. :)

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