Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Weeks and a vacation

Somehow we all survived the annual Forth of July In-Law Extravaganza. I know I've mentioned, my husband is a twin, and they were born on their older sister's birthday and so every year July 6th is a festival of desserts and presents and general chaos. Mostly we supply the chaos, but essentially it's now 10 people (8 adults, 2 kids) and three dogs for four days. Normally we have activities and trips and boat outings and winery tours, etc, etc. Winery tours are kind of out these days since the kids showed up, and I'm pregnant. And this Fourth of July was the coldest and wettest we've ever seen.

It poured.




All of it. From the moment we pulled out of our driveway Thursday morning until we packed up the car to leave on Sunday afternoon, it poured. By Saturday afternoon Baby A was standing at the door saying 'ouside? outside? outside?' She was desperate to get out of the house. We all were.

It was also rather chilly. None of us brought real pants, we had capris and I have a sweatshirt that I keep at the cabin there just for emergency use. Thankfully I packed really well for Baby A and at the last minute had tossed a pair of sweatpants and hoodie in her bag in case the breeze on the lake was cool. She wore that sweatshirt the whole weekend. I had also packed a bag of hand me downs for my niece, and that was well timed too. There were a couple of 6 and 9 month hoodies in there and some pants that she wore all weekend too.

As for my niece, she was wonderful. She is such a happy, sweet baby. She was happy to have anyone hold her, didn't care if she'd never met that person before. She squealed and laughed and played and was such a delight.

My sister in law ended up with a pretty significant bug up her ass sometime Saturday and was snide and cranky the whole rest of the weekend. We have no idea what happened. We never do.

My M-I-L is worried about their marriage and my B-I-L's health. He's got some swollen glands in his throat that biopsies have been inconclusive about and he's not being very proactive in finding the next step. Plus having a special needs daughter with physical therapy and special doctor's appointments. I don't know how much he does, or if my SIL does it all, which is what I think happens. Although to be fair, she's a "Take charge and do it myself" kind of person anyway. So, she may not have really even given him the opportunity to be involved. I don't know. In a lot of ways, we all wonder about that relationship. Every time my husband gets together with his brother, he comes away feeling outraged on his brother's behalf. I don't know the whole of the conversations between them. They're brothers, twins, honestly I don't need to be involved in their conversations, but I know my BIL is so much more laid back and (hate to use the word but,) submissive than my husband is. My husband and I get into it occasionally over differences in opinion about how some things should or shouldn't be handled. I don't know how much my BIL stands up for himself. Maybe he does and just doesn't air his laundry the way she does.

Anyway, other than that, we did have a nice time and everyone adored playing with Baby A and loved to watch her run around and interact with them. We were happy to get home last night though. Baby A especially. Even in the rain, our house has more room for her to run around and then, to top off a great birthday weekend for my husband, our good friends came over to grill out last night (it had finally stopped raining).

So we got the first of what I expect to be many shots over the years like this:
Baby A and Audrey.

I am probably going to have to stop calling my daughter Baby A. She is definitely not a baby anymore. 

So, 15 weeks this week. I have a sonogram on Thursday. I am currently at about 5.5 lbs gained and am finally feeling pretty good. My backaches are my only real complaint and I do hope to start a true exercise routine this week where I can strengthen some core muscles and hopefully relieve some of that.

I'm very excited about the sonogram. Will post pictures afterwards. :)

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