Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Parenting with your mouth closed.

I am as guilty as the next person.

I am fully aware of how judgmental I am and how easy it is to draw quick conclusions and make assumptions. It is something I consider a fault and that I work very hard to contain and control.

I am also fully aware of how difficult it is to sit down and shut your mouth when you are so sure that you are right and they are wrong.

It is so difficult. So, very, very difficult.

With that being said; it amazes the daylights out of me how common it is and how many parents can't not give other parents unsolicited and inappropriately delivered advice on what they're doing wrong with their children.

*Disclaimer* I have not had a run in with this recently. In following several other 'mom' blogs on their websites and on facebook, I see it so frequently where they post something, and someone who has 'liked' their page, or 'follows' their blog, takes it as an opportunity to criticize their parenting skills. There are also situations where I find it hard not to comment on the parenting choices made by someone. However, again, contain and control.

In my ever so humble opinion, I consider Parenting to be right in line with Religion and Politics. As long as their belief's don't harm me or anyone else, they are free to do and believe as they wish. It's NONE OF MY BUSINESS. None of yours either.

Now, while I have not had a run in with this recently, we are getting ready to spend a long four day weekend with my husbands family over the Fourth, including his brother and family, with my adorable Niece J.

I don't believe in "attachment parenting."

That's not 100% fair though. I understand the rationale behind it. I do. I, however, have zero ability to have any one/thing/object/person/whatever literally clinging to me every minute of every day with no separation. It is me and I know that. I can't do it. I also don't think it's realistic. I do think it teaches children to demand and expect. That is a different conversation though.

My Niece J is coddled. Extremely. She's not allowed to cry. She's not allowed to fuss. At 9 months old, she  still only naps while being held by my SIL (no one else). She's not expected to entertain herself unless she's staring at animal flash cards on my SIL's ipad. Except that's not really entertaining herself is it?

And I am going to have to keep my mouth shut.

For FOUR days.

Four. Long. Close Quarter. Days.

While pregnant and short tempered.


Wish me luck!

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