Friday, June 14, 2013

12 weeks & Baby Dreams

So, when I was pregnant with Baby A I started having dreams pretty early that I was going to have a girl and  once those started I also started seeing little signs everywhere that it was going to be a girl. So it really wasn't any surprise to me when we had our sonogram that the technician said 'girl.'

Up until last night, I hadn't had any gender dreams of this new baby, although I've had lots of crazy dreams and lots of baby related dreams. But last night I had my first one where I was at the hospital and picked up my new baby for the first time.

And it was a boy.

I'm not 100% in my gut about it yet, but I've had a few inklings toward boy for a couple weeks now. I just wasn't sure, and still am not, that it was a real instinct or if it was due to a few friends giving their opinion on what I'm having.

Time will tell of course, but, it is interesting that the first gender dream for this pregnancy is that it's a boy.

Today is 12 weeks. Officially the end of my first trimester. Still tired. Back still hurts. Still can't stand chicken or pork. But, definitely feeling better. Maybe it's all mental.

First trimester weight gain comes in officially at 2.5 lbs. Pretty happy about that! Hopefully only 27.5 lbs to go!

Happy Friday everyone!

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