Monday, June 10, 2013

Great Weekend, Rough Morning

We had a fabulous time at the zoo. It was the perfect weather for it, low 70's overcast and comfortable. We got there just as the zoo opened and it was so uncrowded that we were able to let the little girls walk around on their own. Baby A pretty much walked through the whole zoo, almost two hours worth. That early in the morning and a lot of the animals were out and moving too. The tigers were pacing right in front of the exhibit window's looking like they were about to eat the kids. The monkeys were running around and the panda was putting on a great show, again just in front of the exhibit glass. Rolling around, scratching, playing, Baby A loved the pandas. Wasn't crazy about the tiger, I think she knew he wanted to eat her, but the pandas were pretty cool. We also got to the giraffe exhibit just in time for lunch at 11:30, it was the last stop we had on the way out. Apparently for $35 or so, you can feed the giraffes, which i don't feel the need to do, but those big boys know what time lunch is and they come right up to the viewing area and hang their heads over the side waiting for someone to hand them something yummy. Again, Baby A wasn't too sure about them. They were very tall. I think she liked the panda's because rolling around on the floor, they looked a lot like Big M does when he's playing.

We then had dinner with my cousin and my aunt who was in town visiting. And on Sunday went to the lake for a walk and then after a good nap went up the hill to play with Little A (chubbs) where I told W&A that we're pregnant. They were so thrilled. I'm fairly sure they're a one and done crew and Little A doesn't have a younger sibling on her horizon, so having her be right in the middle of our two is really exciting for them. Baby A will be not quite two and a half, and Little A will be a few months shy of two years old.

This morning, revisit of the morning sickness and fabulous round of screaming from Baby A over whether or not she was going to eat her oatmeal. It was a rough morning. I hate getting up so early. I am normally a morning person and I can jump out of bed at anytime, be ready and moving with no issues. These days, I can barely drag myself out and spend the rest of the day wishing I could crawl back in. I'm so, so tired.

Hopefully Baby A will have a great day with Mama T, she'll get a couple good naps in and be a happy, cheerful girl for dinner. Or maybe I make a box of mac n cheese and give in to the toddler demands because I'm just too tired to care...if only there wasn't the guilt that went with it.

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