Thursday, June 6, 2013

11 Weeks

Technically tomorrow is 11 weeks, but tomorrow I will be at the Zoo with Baby A and several of my mom friends with their little ones! I'm so excited! I real mommy play date and outing.

So, thought I'd get my weekly preggo post done a day early.

Today I am very sore from yesterday's fall. My right hip and shoulder are not happy. Again, I did take a Tylenol this morning to try and quiet some of the complaining.

Mostly I'm just tired. Very tired. I went back to bed this morning for about half an hour. I got up at 5:15 like normal to walk the dogs, but 5 minutes down the road it started raining on us, so we came back. I fed them and then crawled back into bed. When my husband came in at 6 to brush his teeth before leaving I pried myself out to actually start my day. I did feel better after that but I'm still just so worn out. On Sunday I put Baby A down for a morning nap that she didn't need, because I needed one. Fortunately she doesn't mind and played quietly in her crib for a while. She did eventually fall asleep for a short nap, but she probably would have been fine without one.

I've been having food issues too. I forget if I mentioned that already. Currently, I can't eat chicken, pork or broccoli without throwing up. Just thinking about those foods makes my stomach roll. It's terrible. I had this issue with Baby A and had hoped to avoid it with this pregnancy but, no such luck. So, I've been on a beef diet. Not a ton of veggies either right now. There are very few that are appealing. I can eat raw veggies though, it's the cooked version that I seem to have the most trouble with. I should eat more salads. It just sounds like so much work to make though.

11 weeks
130.4 lbs (2 lbs gained)
Fatigue, food aversions, fatigue (yes, it belongs there twice)

Tomorrow - to the zoo!!

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