Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Backaches and Bruises

Part of our remodel process included the guest bathroom, which, besides the master bath, is the only other bathtub in the house. It is currently out of service. The tile is done but we need the plumber to come back and finish installing the new fixtures, which apparently requires welding. Why it can't just screw back on, I don't know, but it can't. The discussion as of yesterday was that my husband thought he could do it and save us the money. He would attempt to tackle it this weekend, i.e. 4-5 more days without use of that tub, assuming all goes well.

So I've been giving Baby A a bath in our master bathtub which is actually a Jacuzzi whirlpool tub that is about 30 years old, not overly functional and really, really deep. Not only is it really deep, it's two steps up from the floor. So in order to bathe Baby A, I have to kneel on one of the steps and lean way over into the tub to try and wash her. The other option is to bring her into the shower with me, which I am happy to do, but she has to be awake in time for that. During the weekdays, she isn't always up and I hate waking her earlier than I absolutely have to. With my back hurting me the last week or so, bending over that tub just wasn't an option and Baby A didn't wake up until after I had showered this morning. So, I ran the water and decided the solution was to get into the tub with her.

All went well until I got out of the tub. I took one step down from the tub and my foot went right out from under me. I slid the rest of the way to floor, landing on my right side/back. Fortunately I missed hitting my back on the first step and went straight to the bathroom floor. I think if I had hit the step I would have been much worse off.

Thankfully, thankfully, I did not take Baby A out of the tub with me. I had thought about it, and decided that pregnant with a sore back, I should get out on my own and then get her. I can't imagine having had her in my arms when I hit that floor. Mostly I'm ok. I'm sore and it made an already tired day just a little worse.

I hate taking medicine when I'm pregnant unless I have to, but I did take one Tylenol this morning to try and help calm down everything that was complaining in my back and hip after the fall.

When I got to work I emailed my husband, told him what happened and that I would prefer we call the plumber and get the guest bathtub functional sooner rather than later.

I am ready for this week to be over.

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