Monday, July 22, 2013

My musical girls

One of the things I truly missed about being pregnant was feeling Baby A move and roll around. That is one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced and is the part of this pregnancy that I am very eager to experience again. There is no way to explain it to someone who's never known that feeling. I can say that at first it feels like little tickles on the inside on my belly. Then it grows into a feeling of pressure as a little foot or elbow pushes out a bit. I can say how it then eventually turns into punches and kicks that make you have to suddenly pee when you didn't have to go five minutes ago. But the emotional feeling that comes with these things is completely without words.

When I was pregnant with Baby A I noticed that she was almost always moving when I had music playing. Whether it was in the car or at my desk at work, or at church with the choir singing, she would be rolling around and I would laugh and say that she either loved or hated the music I played. Well, from day 1, she's been my little dancer. As soon as she was able she would bop along to whatever was playing. I frequently have music on in the house during the day. I like having the background noise and I like to dance too. So it may be while I clean, or cook or sit on the deck with a magazine, there is usually music on. I'd like to think I have a pretty wide range, we listen to the pop and top hits stations, but we also listen to the classic rock, alternative, blues, jazz, classical and, of course, the toddler tunes station.

I adore watching Baby A dance. There is just nothing like it, it makes my heart want to burst with joy. She'll try and copy the little moves that my husband and I show her. The other night he was pretending to tap dance with her and she was tapping her little feet right with him, it was great. We'll do little girl ballerina twirls and she'll do her little version and I just love it.

Sunday morning at church, it started with little girl #2. The choir was singing and I could feel little tapping going on in my belly as she reacted to the sounds. It's still very light and if I'm moving a lot, or busy with something, I probably don't notice it as much as it actually occurs. But Sunday morning, sitting quietly in the pew, I definitely felt her.

Looks like I have another dancer on the way.

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