Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's tough being 3 (still)

Ali has reached the age where she gets very offended when people laugh at her. We're not being mean, but three year olds do and say some pretty funny things and when we laugh, she get's very offended. Which makes us laugh more, which turns into stamping feet and waving arms and eventually tears of frustration from being laughed at.

Last night after dinner she usually gets something small for dessert. It happened to be an Oreo (my husband is an addict). I'm not sure exactly how it happened but during some story/song/gesture the cookie went flying across the dinning room, bounced off a wall and landed on the floor, promptly to be eaten by Big M.

My husband and I looked at the cookie smear on the wall, at each other, and then burst into laughter. Tears were running down our faces and we could not stop.

Ali was so upset.

Which just made it worse.We laughed and she was so, completely, and thoroughly offended.

She did get a new oreo and managed to hold on to that one, but man, it is tough being three years old!

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