Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My little pumpkins

We took the girls to local farm this weekend for a fun pumpkin patch afternoon. We met some friends there later for lunch, but spent about an hour ahead of time checking the place out and getting some FABULOUS photos!

The last several years I've seen lots of my friends post cute picture of their kids with pumpkins and I never got around to doing that with Ali, I always sent my husband down to Home Depot to buy pumpkins a few days before Halloween just so I could say we carved them.

Well, I finally got my cute pumpkin photos! I love them!!

Me & my Ali

Elle trying to decide if this is edible.

Ali being silly

She couldn't wait to get to the pumpkins. 

I love her scrunchy nose. 

My girls!

Elle with her mouth open, as always!

Me & my Elle

The girls. :)

My beautiful, fast, fast growing girl.

It was such a fun day. After lunch Ali spent about another hour running up and down the fields with one of our friend's little boys. She's such a runner! Just like her Daddy! It was a beautiful, perfect afternoon.

Oh! And, by the way, the skirt she's wearing, that's the one I made last November! Not only does it still fit, it looks fantastic. I pulled the pattern back out and am planning on taking Ali to the fabric store to let her pick out a couple of her own designs! :)

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