Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sew Important!

I've posted a couple times about my desire to learn how to sew. Of course the last three months or so has been the latest season of Project Runway and now it's All Stars which I really love because it's fun to see the bigger personalities come back and have at each other for 10 weeks. That show always makes me want to be more creative.

Well, I was floating around online and found a super cute Fall/Thanksgiving themed holiday skirt. They were only in Little Girl sizes though, not toddler but it was a fairly basic skirt. I decided I could do that. My mother had made Baby A her Halloween outfit, which was a cowgirl skirt and vest. The shape of that skirt was basically the same as what I saw online, just without the fringe.

So, I went and bought the fabric and called my mom for the pattern.

She came over last Friday and during Baby A's nap, we made this:

(yes, that is my awesome new table too)

I am so stupidly proud of that skirt, and Baby A hates skirts and dresses. :-(

My little tom boy, but she's going to wear it anyway. Probably with sneakers, but I'm ok with that.

So, inspired, I decided that I wanted new bedding for the nursery. There's nothing wrong with the bumpers and bedding that we had in there from when Baby A was first born, but those are her colors. I want this little girl to have her own.

We're not repainting the room, so that gives me some limits. But, I went back to the fabric store and got some super cute patterns and I am going to recover the bumpers and put a new ruffle on the bedskirt. I spent $30 in fabric. If you look at just crib bumpers, or crib sets in general, they start around $60 or higher. So, I figure I'm already ahead.

I spent about an hour on Sunday afternoon working on it and have made some progress.

Lesson #1 that I learned is: Chevron patterns are incredibly hard to work with. 

It's going to be really cute, but the majority of the time I spent on Sunday was attempting to get my pieces square with the pattern. The actual sewing part was probably 15 minutes. I only put together the front of one bumper, but the pieces are cut for the other long bumper so that one should go together quickly.

Again, my beautiful table, and yes, the antique sewing machine.

The chevron pattern is going to make up the majority of the bedskirt and I am a little disappointed in how much actual pattern shows on the bumper, but I thought doing the side panels in it also would be overkill so I just used it to accent.

I need to find the old bedskirt so I can get the measurements and take a close look at how it's put together. I hope to finish the bumpers this weekend and then next weekend start on the skirt.

All in all, I'm pretty excited about it!

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  1. Good for you! The skirt is darling and the bedding looks beautiful! I can't wait to see what it looks like when you're done. I also LOVE your table and antique sewing machine. LOVE!!