Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Scream Free Marriage

We don't actually do a lot of screaming, which is good...and bad. We don't fight much, or well, or ever really accomplish anything in terms of some of our most major disagreements. This bothers me. I feel like somethings are never resolved and just left to fester. I know my husband feels that if it's not being talked about, it must not be that big a deal.

Great communication, huh?

Every so often I like to read (listen to) a marriage and relationship book just to have some reminders on how effective relationships work and how to move yours towards that goal.

Last time, I listened to Love and Respect, which I enjoyed and would highly recommend. This time around I am listening to one called A Scream Free Marriage.

The reviews are decent. A few people saying that there was nothing shocking or mind blowing about it, but I do still find that hearing someone else say 'play nice, don't throw sand in the sandbox' is sometimes necessary to reinforce things you already know.

My own reviews will be forthcoming.

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