Thursday, November 21, 2013

20 Things I love about two year old's.

1. Everything is new and amazing.

2. The leaves changing colors and falling has been a source of fascination that can't be experienced by anyone other than a two year old.

3. Counting school buses that go by is a great game.

4. The joy that every single bus is 'lellow!!'

5. The best part of the day is sitting in Daddy's lap to read the Cat in the Hat (again).

6. The use of  'cute' as a weapon.

7. The sheer joy of dancing with abandon.

8. Listening to them 'read' their favorite book.

9. Kisses cure boo boos.

10. Coloring outside the lines.

11. Geese are awesome.

12. Swings are awesome.

13. Running around in the grass is high entertainment for hours at a time.

14. Holiday decorations.

15. Holiday outfits.

16. The squeals of happiness to see Grandma.

17. Pink cowgirl boots.

18. Still young enough for an afternoon nap (i.e. mama's break time).

19. Spinning Circles & Somersaults (spelled that right on the first try, thank you very much!)

20. She's mine.

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