Monday, November 4, 2013

32 weeks and Halloween

Just chugging along in terms of this pregnancy. I am getting really, really tired of strangers commenting to me about my size though.

I've gained 20 lbs.


Not 200.

Not even the 30-35 or so that I had gained already at this point with Baby A.

However people just can't seem to help but comment on my size, or my due date, or the completely random 'should you be in a hospital'.

Yeah. Someone said that to me. Although I was in Walmart at the time, so maybe there's a different level of 'socially acceptable' in that particular store.

Halloween was so much fun. Baby A was a little cowgirl. My mom made the outfit and we got some KILLER pink cowgirl boots. Baby A was a little hesitant about walking up to a house and knocking on the door, but when she realized candy was involved, it got a whole lot more fun after that. By the third house she was marching up all by herself and knocking on the door. It was really funny. My husband kept trying to get her to say Trick or Treat and we explained that when the person opens the door, if you say Trick or Treat, they'll give you candy. So, he says 'say Trick or Treat' and she says 'Candy'. Ok. Short cut the process I guess. She's very efficient. We only went to about four houses and then headed home but she really had a blast.
My cowgirl.

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