Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dehydration: A pregnant woman's worst enemy

So, yesterday morning at 4:15 I woke with what I was fairly sure were contractions. Like, real ones, not the braxton hicks variety.

Sent my husband and I into a panic.

We are SO not ready for this baby to come yet.

Rest assured, I am fine, the baby is fine and I am still pregnant. After a couple hours of erratic contractions, everything slowed down and once I was able to talk to the nurse she was very sure that it had been triggered by being dehydrated. So, the plan was to spend yesterday pushing fluids, and eating a high calorie diet to keep my blood sugar up, and then see how I felt today before we ran to the office for a check up. I drank almost four liters of water yesterday. And I didn't start really going to the bathroom until late afternoon. Apparently I didn't do a very good job of staying hydrated over the weekend and Monday morning it bit me in the pregnant butt.

However, it really made us look around and reevaluate where we are in the planning stage of bringing baby #2 home and what actually needs to be done.

For instance. I have no clean bottles. Well, amendment. I have no clean nipples. I have bottles, but come to find out, everything I had pulled out of the basement to be washed was the medium and fast flow, not the slow ones I'll need to start with.

Also, we have no where to put the baby down. Literally. All chairs, seats, bassinets, cribs and play mats are out of the basement, where they've been for anywhere from 12-18 months. But nothing is clean. There would be no where to put the baby.

The car seat hadn't made it out of the basement and we knew where one base was, but not both and the covers and infant inserts weren't clean.

Neither of us had bags packed for the hospital and we had no plan for Baby A should I go into labor during the day while she's at Mama T's.

Add to all the panic...my parents left Monday morning to drive to NH for Thanksgiving and we had no idea what some of our friends plans were for the holiday's and if anyone was going to be around if something happened.

Thankfully, everything is fine and I'm glad I didn't go running to the doctor's office. I am glad that I called, and that it was a minor issue, easily fixed.

So, moral of the story. Drink. Drink. And drink some more! And, be prepared. More prepared anyway. We're going to work on a lot of that this weekend. The list of things we thought we were doing over Thanksgiving has been adjusted slightly.

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  1. Wow, I hope you're feeling well now. That's interesting that dehydration could cause that. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had some time to relax and enjoy life before the baby comes!