Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Babysitting Woes

This weekend is my husbands annual trip with his 'boys' for a Virginia Tech football game. It's been planned and on the calendar for months. They leave Friday morning and get to the rental house late afternoon and have a whole evening of traditions from where they eat, what they eat, where they go, all of it. It's so cute. ;)

A couple weeks ago I got an invite to go to dinner this Friday night with several moms from Ali's class.

My built in babysitter (i.e. my husband) isn't going to be around. Argh!

My back up babysitter (i.e. my mom) also isn't going to be around. She and my dad are heading to FL this weekend to visit one of my aunts. Argh Argh!

My back up - back up babysitters (i.e. my mother in law and sister in law) both can't make it down due to previous commitments. ARGH!

That pretty much leaves me out of approved babysitters.

And when I say 'approved' babysitters, I mean people that I know Big M isn't going to eat.

He is our major limiting factor when it comes to babysitters. While we are there he is mostly fine, and there are plenty of people who he is happy to see, but I'm not sure he'd feel the same if my husband or I weren't there. Women are better, but he really doesn't like most new men and especially large men. If we have anyone over who is on his 'bad' list, we have to put Big M upstairs where he cries and barks the whole visit but if we don't put him upstairs than we basically have to sit on him the whole time as he stalks our visitor waiting for an opportunity to pounce (I say pounce because it sounds so much less intimidating than 'attack', which is probably more accurate).

It's very frustrating. He is very, very protective of me and the girls. Everyone I tell that to always follows that statement by saying 'that's great, he should be protective of his family'. Yeah, but...it's easy for you to say when it isn't your dog.

It isn't a terrible thing in theory, but when it really limits your ability to leave your house, go on vacation, have a date night without having a doggie approved babysitter, it gets old.

He's lucky we love him so much.

Meanwhile, I'll be home this Friday night. With the girls and my very protective dog.

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