Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 9

I am nine days into my 30 day challenge and doing well. I did not get my second cardio work out in last week, I managed to oversleep by an hour the morning I was supposed to do that and never actually recovered from the late start.

I did walk this weekend with the girls, which may or may not count as an actual workout since it involves a lot of stopping to watch the geese, or the plane, or pick up the stick/flower/rock/trash/thing on the ground that should probably be left there. Although I do have to give Ali a lot of credit for her cleanliness fixation, she picks up all the litter from the picnic table area whenever we walk down to that part of the neighborhood.

I've done my Beach Body Challenge and my Arm Challenge every day and have managed to drop the vacation weight, which isn't usually too hard to do, a week back on a normal diet and most times I can get back to pre-vacation weight.

Today's plan is to run before picking up the girls. Their dinner is done, I'll have to cook something for us adults in the house but that can be done later.

Feeling pretty good.

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