Friday, October 30, 2015

Holy Moly what a week!

It's Friday and as it turns out, the only day of the week that I've been able to get into the office at all.

I have been covered up with sick kids all week. I can't even believe how long a week it's been.

Backing up...

Last Friday I actually did manage to find a babysitter and get to have a Mom's Night Out with some of Ali's classmates mothers. It was great. So glad I got to go.

The girls went to a friends house for a play date with their daughter and we all had late nights. I didn't get them to bed until 10:30 and they were, of course, up at their regular 6:30 am.

Saturday we were on our own and I had a bunch of things to do, so I got everyone up, dressed and out the door to run errands. Half way through, Ali started telling me she was cold. I told her not to be silly, it was a beautiful day out. She kept telling me the stores were cold and I just wasn't listening at all. Finally I realized she was practically falling asleep in between the stops and it was only 11:30. I figured she was tired from the night before so said we would go home, have lunch and take a nap. Got home to find Ali was burning up. 102 degree fever, chills, shakes. Awesome.

Totally lost the mom of the year award.

She had it so bad. We were at the doctors office first thing Monday morning and it was just one of those nasty viral infections that you can't do anything about, just wait it out.

On top of that, I took Elle in at the same time and she had an ear infection! She wasn't really acting sick but hadn't been eating well and for her that's a big change.

It was so sad to see my poor Ali not feel good.

And, the cable went out on Monday, still not fixed.

And, the water heater sprung a leak and had to be replaced.

And, I'm supposed to be decorating a car for the schools Truck or Treat party, tonight and have had no chance to get ready for that.

And, I totally fell off the 30 day challenge wagon while I was home with the girls and I have somehow put several pounds back on which I am NOT happy about.

But, I'm trying to focus on the good things and there are a lot of them.

Ali is fine. She was never so sick that we had to run to the ER and is now back to her normal self.

The cable is out, but that just meant that Ali and I spent the mornings playing games and when I needed to get work done, we still had Netflicks!

The water heater bust, but our house was still warm and cozy during this week of cold rainy weather.

I didn't get any workouts in, but I did find an energy supplement that I like.

I've only been taking it for four days but at least this one doesn't gross me out. I actually mix it with hot water and it's just like a green tea, with some extra grit. Those last few sips are a little tough but in general it's actually pretty good. Hopefully a few weeks of this will see some easier mornings and hopefully will help stay healthy as we head into the winter cold season.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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