Friday, July 13, 2012

Feeling less like Wonder Woman

And a little more like Wonder where that Woman went?

The last day of another week on my own. These work trips should be slowing down, which would be good. I attempted to start the week off right and have lunches done ahead of time, get up early and get out the door on time. It dissolved into chaos, as usual, and this morning I didn't even set the alarm. I knew there was no hope of getting to work at 8 and so didn't even try. I had no baby food in the house at all so I knew we were going to have to stop at the store. I intended to make some last night and ended up hanging out with my parents later than expected. Oh poor me, huh?

In addition to the no baby food. It's rained every day, which is great for the grass, bad for the dogs, and my hair.

Monday, Baby A cracked her head on the bathroom floor when she tipped over while crawling. Such a goose egg!

Tuesday, I managed to back the car into the garage door because I didn't check my mirror first. I always open the door as I walk out into the garage to put Baby A in her car seat. I have NO IDEA what happened. Either I opened the door as usual and then sat in the car and hit the door opener in the car, backing out while it was closing, or I didn't open the door as usual, sat in the car, hit the door opener and backed out while it was still opening. I haven't told my husband yet. I wanted to wait for him to get home and have a good night's sleep first.

Wednesday, I had the crazy thought that I could sit and have coffee in bed in the morning and ended up late.

Thursday, I was doing well, showered, hair dried, hair curled, baby fed, out the door for a walk with the dogs, RAIN. Ran back to the house. Now I'm sweating, my hair is a mess and I have to start over. Late.

Friday, F-it. I slept in.

My only bright and shining moments this week were that I managed to order contacts for myself because I"m  about out, and I scheduled pest control to come take care of the amazing variety of bugs that are currently crawling up the walls in my house. Uggghh. They're coming Monday between 1 and 5. *sigh*. Really?

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