Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekends wear me out

I'm not sure why the weekends seem just as hectic as the week.

So my husband was supposed to land Friday evening at 6 and be home by 7:30. Thunderstorms in Atlanta delayed him and he walked in the door at 10. I hadn't confessed my garage door incident yet and was holding to my original plan of allowing him a nice full night's sleep before telling him about it. I had a whole speech prepared. I had a great intro.

He was home for 20 minutes, and came upstairs to where I was brushing my teeth, and with wide eyes exclaimed 'what the hell happened to your car?!?!?'


I just started laughing. Doesn't it figure. Perfect end to the week.

Oh wait, it's not over yet. A while back one of our friends planned a surprise 40th birthday party for her husband on Saturday, a cycling buddy of my husband's that he's known for years. The 'boys' were going to take the birthday boy out for a special ride and, as it was explained to me, there would be a party afterwards for everyone to attend. This is all the information I had on the plans until Friday afternoon when i got the address for the party (at another cyclists house) and the time. 1-4 in the afternoon. Baby A's nap is from 1:30-4, everyday.

So, my husband, who's been out of town all week, had planned on getting up Saturday morning, leaving the house by 7 am, doing this ride which is a 3 hour ride and it takes an hour to get there, and then going straight over to the party house. While I'm home. With the dogs. And the baby. While he's at a party that I can't attend because he never told me it was in the middle of the afternoon. I never had a chance to get a babysitter. I assumed that, since he knew what time Baby A naps, and he knew what time the party was, if there had been a conflict, he would have mentioned it, with more than 24 hours notice. So, I got to be the single mom again, on a Saturday that I thought I would get out of the house. Have a husband, have a life. No, of course not.

So, while he was silently steaming at me for the garage door incident. I was silently steaming at him for not telling me any of this ahead of time, for agreeing to this whole thing in the first place, and for knowingly leaving me to sit at home with the baby while she naps and he hangs out on someone else's back deck and has a beer with his buddies.


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