Friday, July 20, 2012

Fitness Inspiration

I love reading blogs written by healthy women, especially ones with 5 kids and they look amazing. It absolutely inspires me to do the same. Not that I have 5 kids, just the one little diva so far. And not that I'm not in good shape either. I'm only three or four pounds away from my 'pre-baby' weight. But being healthy means so much more than just being skinny. It's a lifestyle. It's a dozen choices every day. It's how we interact as a family and as a society. It's also about not going to extremes. There's nothing healthy about any extreme. Extreme running, extreme sitting, extreme dieting, extreme eating. None of that is healthy, although I think some would argue about the running example. Really though, our bodies need balance and a break, otherwise, they break.

I attempted the whole Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred program last month. I made it through about 15 days or so. I was getting up at 5 am to fit in a 20 minute workout program before the day started. Not really a bad idea, but it just wasn't sustainable for me at that level of intensity. So, instead, I've switched my gym membership from the location next to my house, which I pass at least twice a day, every day and rarely attend, to one that next to my daycare. I typically leave work at 4:15 so I can get Baby A and get home by 5 and have just a little more time with her during the evening. Now, twice a week, I will instead go to a 4:30 yoga class and still be able to get Baby A from daycare before it closes at 5:30. Yes, it's cutting out a little baby time in the evenings, but I'm very excited to get back into a yoga routine. I used to do an hour or more every day and kept it up through the first half of my pregnancy. The second half was a little harder to maintain a workout routine and then I just never got back into it.

Next week starts my Yoga Perspective. I'd love to eventually find a mommy/baby yoga class when Baby A is big enough to do it too. Right now though, I'd just love to tone up my left over baby belly and have a little less wiggle in my waggle.

Deep breath in and be calm...

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