Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I smell old

So in the effort of pleasing my eye doctor I did buy new brushes, new facial moisturizer and some new makeup, not everything got tossed, but most of the things that go in, on or near my eyes did. I did most of my product purchasing on because it's all in one place and you get freebies. It's a pretty neat deal I got three different perfumes, a sample moisturizer and cute little nail file all free.

The only problem is, I now smell like an old lady. The perfumes I got didn't seem like they would be a problem. There's a Michael Kors, Dior and Givanchy. Three rather well known names and brands. After sniff testing all of them I decided the Givanchy smelled the least old lady like and squirted a bit on both arms.

Now I have to spend the whole day smelling old.

On the plus side, I'm wearing makeup for the first time in two weeks! Yay! There's just something that makes me feel better about walking out of the house with a little mascara and lipstick.

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