Tuesday, October 29, 2013

For the love of Fage (Fa-yeh)

Apparently I am now officially a Greek Yogurt snob.

I used to eat plain, non fat Chobani and add my own fruit and granola. If I didn't have the fruit or granola it was a little hard to eat, the flavor is rather strong and I didn't care all that much for the ones with the fruit included.

Then there was a run on the plain non fat Chobani and every grocery store I went to was out, completely out. By the third week I gave up on the Chobani and tried Fage.

It was much thicker than the Chobani, and had a much milder taste. I ended up liking it much better than the Chobani.

It's not as popular though and not as many stores carry it.

I usually do my grocery shopping at the Walmart Market near Baby A's daycare because I can save a significant amount of money shopping there over the mainstream Grocery Store for the staple items. For fresh produce and bakery items, I love Publix. But when it comes down to it, the same list at Publix is around $150 and at the Walmart Market it's under $100. That's a big difference.

Walmart finally started carrying the Fage brand of Greek Yogurt but prior to that I would make two trips. One to walmart for the bulk of my list and a second to publix for the specialty items and my yogurt.

Well, this weekend I was short on time, I had a lot to do and couldn't justify the drive to Walmart much less the two stops, so I went to the closest and most convenient store.

The bad part is that the closest and most convenient store to my house is Kroger. They're in the middle price wise, but they don't carry the Fage.

I figured it was ok and I'd just go back to the Chobani and, hey, there are other brands too, why not try some of those?

It is not ok.

I suffered through the Chobani yesterday but really didn't enjoy it and today I tried a different brand, Oikos, and that was terrible. I had to throw it out. Maybe I had a bad cup. It was thin and watery and just tasted terrible. I threw it out and got a Pop Tart from the office snack supply.

I'm going to have to stop at Walmart on the way home tonight and get my Fage. I can't substitute. I'm a Greek Yogurt Snob.

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  1. I feel the same way about Fage! It is the best ever! I still love Chobani, but it has to be one of the flavored ones. Fage is just sooooo yummy and creamy. I buy it in a big ol' tub at Costco and it's the best!