Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mama needs a new pair of shoes

My last pregnancy was in the  middle of the summer. In Georgia. It was hot. Very, very hot. Towards the end I lived in flip flops.

This time around, I'm due in December. Flip flops aren't going to work this time around, even in GA. In addition I am still having some back pain and haven't been able to wear all of my heels. My normal winter footwear typically is closed toed pumps or tall boots. The tall boots I expect to be problematic because of looming weight gain. Last pregnancy I wasn't able to wear any of my boots because my calves were too fat. It was very sad.  :(

I do have some ankle high booties, but, the heels are pretty significant on those so I don't think they're going to work either.

So, I need to go shoe shopping!

I want a pair of low heeled black booties to wear with my leggings and then I also want a pair of shoes to wear with my (maternity) dress pants. This is a dilemma since, they're kind of long. I also don't want to get them hemmed because I plan on selling all this maternity stuff after I make it back into 'real' clothes. I have a pair of shoes now that I can wear with them, platform style that doesn't put a bad angle on my back and keeps the pants from dragging on the floor, but their open toed, cork heel, summer shoes. Cork heels are not as common in winter heels and finding a comfortable platform style shoe to wear while pregnant in the winter, may be a little challenging.

Oh, such problems that I have. :)

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