Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If this guy can do it, why aren't we all???

I left work early last Friday to do a few things before having to go get Baby A from daycare. Driving home I saw an old man walking down the side of the busy street outside my subdivision. Traffic was pretty much at a stand still due to construction and so I had some time to observe him before I actually made it up to him.

For quite a while I sat in my car, creeping up on this old man, thinking I should offer him a ride when I finally get up there. My subdivision was the likeliest place this guy was going and even if it wasn't near my house (huge subdivision) it wouldn't be that far out of my way. 

He was moving slowly, we all were, he was hunched a bit, with a slight limp.

As I got closer and closer I started to notice other things.

His new and solid walking shoes.

His hat and light backpack, not fully loaded by any means.

And once I was closer, the bottle of water with ice in it in his hand.

I also noticed his left hand curled in and that the limp was on his left side. Clearly he had suffered a stroke at some point. I realized that this man was right where he wanted to be and that he didn't want or need a ride from me. So, I passed him and drove home.

An hour later. I was getting ready to head out the door to pick up Baby A from daycare.

And guess who I saw. 

The same old man, climbing up the very steep hill outside my house. I couldn't believe it. From where I saw him, it was a mile and a half to my house. I've mapped it and I've walked it before, in a non pregnant state, but really, right now, it's probably not something I could do. Especially when you take into account that in order for him to have gotten where he was on his route when I first saw him, there was likely another mile or two added to the total. 

I was in awe and had to call out to him. I said 'Hello!! You've walked quite a long ways. I saw you out on Holcomb Bridge!'

He stopped, smiled and waved, 'Yes! I have. It's a long route I do and I try to do it as much as possible.'

We chatted a bit more and then he kept going and I got in the car to go, but couldn't resist snapping a quick photo of him as he climbed our hill.

How awesome is he??  :)

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  1. I love, love, love this story!! I often see elderly people (similar to this man you described) at the gym and I just want to go around and give them all a high five!! People like this man are such an inspiration and really leave the rest of us without any excuses at all. ;-)