Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Diet Smackdown


Mostly I blame the cold weather for making me hungrier, but I sadly stepped on the scale this morning and found that in addition to the two pounds I gained over Thanksgiving, I had put on one more since then.

That is not good.

I know a lot of it has to do with the food out at Christmastime. On Saturday we went to my husbands company party and I basically made a meal out of goat cheese, brie and crackers. My ultimate weakness. I love cheese!

This was followed by a Sunday afternoon visit with my parents for Eggnog and appetizers, which included more brie as well as a few other tasty indulgences.

It all adds up. There are treats and candy at work and more wine than I really should be drinking in the evenings.

I have been exercising in the mornings, but I've come to decide that I desperately need new running shoes and I'm a little concerned I may be doing more harm than good. I've had problems before with wearing incorrect shoes while running and after ending up in physical therapy last time, discovered I have a severe inward pronation when I run. Watching a video of my feet in slow motion running it literally looks like my ankle is about to break, it rolls so far inward. I'm starting to feel some of the symptoms that I remember from last time so this morning I did a 30 minute yoga routine instead.

Or, I tried to, but then Elle started crying at about 5:20, which she never does, and has had an odd afternoon fever the last few days. So, I had to stop and check on her before getting back to the workout. After that it was kind of over.

I have got to cut out the snacking and the weekday wine. I know that's how I lost the last of the baby weight after Ali and I just haven't been wiling to make the sacrifice yet this time around. I got so close without having to give up the little extras.

Well, even though it's Christmas, and we have several more parties and visits lined up, the eating stops here!

I have a nice healthy dinner planned. This is an easy one that we like to do occasionally. I typically use green beans instead of asparagus because i have children still in diapers, and I'm just not willing to deal with that! (also why my children have not had beets)

I have actually had a really good lunch set up this week. I made chicken wraps with a sundried tomato mix, includes spinach, feta and a little dressing.

It's pretty good and I'll probably do it again for next week.

More salads, less snacks.

More exercise, less wine.

I (now) have six pounds to go to my goal weight and I'm extremely tired of this little roll of chub at my belly. It's time to work.

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