Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Christmas Season

I am very excited for Christmas this year.

I was really excited for Christmas last year too, but last year at this time I was 37 weeks pregnant and it was hard to really focus on much of anything for too long without getting tired and needing a nap.

The lights are up on the house and it's now getting dark enough in the evenings that they're frequently on by the time I get the girls picked up and home. This is Ali's new favorite thing and every day we have to run out of the car and check out the lights.

Elle is a little hesitant about them when we get up close, but is clearly fascinated. I have a feeling we're going to have some losses off the tree this year from little fingers.

I am very proud to say, my Christmas shopping is about 90% done. I need to get a Secret Santa present for Ali's class and some gift certificates for her teachers, and I need a little something else for my niece.

That's about it. My husband is in charge of a gift for me and a gift for his father. I know he's made a few purchases for me, but I think my father in law might be the only one left to buy for!

I'll need to start wrapping and stashing things soon. I have a pile of boxes in the office at home that is getting a little overwhelming, with more on the way.

We haven't got a tree yet, but plan on doing that Saturday. I love the tree farm we go to. We go every year and they have the best Santa. It's really too bad that Ali hates him. I have three years of screaming baby photos. I love them!!

This year I've told her she doesn't have to sit in Santa's lap. We'll see what happens. We'll definitely get a photo of Elle, who I expect will adore Santa, but Ali may change her mind when it comes to the Candy Cane dilemma. Santa hands out Candy Canes to the kids and last year, she really wanted one, which is how we got that photo. This year, we may get a hesitant version. Maybe I can get her to at least stand next to Santa.

Fingers crossed.



Apparently I don't have 2011, her first Christmas, on my work computer. So excited to see what we get for 2014!


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