Monday, December 15, 2014

Hunter's Tree Farm 2014

Yay! We finally made our annul trip to Hunter's Tree Farm. This place is great. We love going every year.


We got pictures with Santa, and NO crying!!! Ali was great, she did such a good job. Well, I say that in terms of not breaking down into hysterical sobs this year. She did not cry. She also did not look at Santa, speak to Santa, or smile at all. She did however say 'Thank You' after she was off his lap and he gave her a candy cane. Elle, of course, was picture perfect. Big smiles and completely content to hang with Santa.

After the visit with Santa, we walked around the farm for a bit and took a bunch of pictures of the girls and of me with the girls. One of these days I'll get a shot of my husband with the girls. He exists, I promise, there is just no photographic evidence of it.

This year they also had a little pony ride set up and Ali was so excited to ride a horse. It was her first time and while the pony they had there really was quite small, for a horse, he was still enormous in Ali's eyes.

Loved putting on the helmut (with pink designs) and getting up on the horse.

Her face when we said are you ready for the horse to walk.

Not sure if she's having fun or if she's just completely terrified.

Ok, it's fun.

It was a great time and then we went out for lunch and got home just in time to put two very tired girls down for an afternoon nap.

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  1. Oh what a fun Christmas tree farm!!! You are lucky the weather is so mild where you are. I love that Santa and the pony rides! What a fun day. ;-)