Thursday, June 14, 2012

11 & 12 - Establishing a routine

I'm am slowing coming to the realization that I enjoy morning workouts. It's never something I had attempted with any consistency before and whenever the well-intentioned alarm would go off, I would very thoroughly convince myself (in approx 10 seconds) that the next 20 minutes of sleep was essential and that I would absolutely workout in the evening after getting home. Then when the evening actually arrives, I'm completely worn out, still have to make dinner, feed the baby and get everything ready for the morning, which all takes much longer than it should. So now, I convince myself that I'm much too tired to work out and I'll absolutely get up when the alarm goes off and workout extra hard in the morning to make up for missing today. Rinse and repeat...

The last three mornings I have pried myself out of bed at 5, even with my husband still tucked in and snoozing. This morning, it actually wasn't so much of a pry, as an 'ok, I'm up'. I start my day feeling like I've already accomplished something so that no matter how the day goes, I've already worked out. I'm already one step ahead.

Next week my husband is out of town again, just me, baby and dogs. The traveling schedule is currently expected to last until October, four months away. By that time I could be in pretty amazing shape! Or I could be pregnant again, not that we're trying, but the conversations have started. Given the fact that I"m going to be 34 this year, and 35 next year (pretty sure that's how it goes), I think I'm leaning towards sooner rather than later for baby #2. Of course that means all this hard work and dieting to fit back into my jeans will be undone rather quickly. That's OK. If I can do it once...I can look back and say 'meh, good enough'.

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