Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Days 6-10

I did great last Friday, got up, worked out, and shock of all shocks, made it to work on time. I literally spent the whole drive to daycare and the office trying to figure out what I forgot to do. Still not sure, but loved the feeling of getting everything done and getting out the door on time.

After my husband got home Friday afternoon, it all went down hill. Apparently all my motivation and organizational drive goes right out the window as soon as he walks in the door. I've decided that because he's so high energy and in constant motion, he wears me out without me doing anything. I didn't even walk the dogs this weekend (to be fair, it rained all day Sunday) and left that to my husband.

Yesterday after getting scolded by my husband that my big 30 day buckle down had started to droop, I resolved to get out of bed this morning and start back on the routine that I did all last week while he was gone. I managed to follow through on that too. I got all my lunch stuff, and Baby A's lunch together last night and so this morning I got up a 5, worked out, walked the dogs and then got ready for work. And again today, I got out of the house on time! Yay me!

Baby Moment: Baby A pushed up from tummy time to a sitting position all by herself! I don't think we're far from crawling!

Dogs: Poor Big M is back in training. We're learning some new commands to help him with his 'other doggie' anxiety. Whenever he sees another dog and he's on a leash, he goes a little nuts. Trying to give him some direction. My other dog, Old Lady, is still my little brat.

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