Monday, June 25, 2012

Morning Raspberries are Best

I slept in Friday morning and had a quiet, calm start to the day. I was still up by 5:30 but instead of being sweaty and gross I was just rolling out of bed, getting a cup of coffee and snuggling in bed with the dogs. It's a nice way to start the morning. One of my favorite things in the morning is to hear Baby A waking up in her crib and blowing raspberries while playing quietly by herself for a while. She can spend half an hour or more in there entertaining herself. I almost hate to interrupt she's usually having such a good time. Then I look at the clock and realize it's time to get moving or be late getting out of the house.

I'm starting to lose momentum on my 30 day fitness campaign. Not because I don't want to continue getting up early and working out. I kind of enjoy that start to the day. It's more like I"m starting to realize those last few pounds and that last inch that is going to make my 'small' pre-baby clothes fit (comfortably) may not be what my current goals should be. Yes, I'd love to lose the last bit of baby pudge around my belly, but who am I kidding, I'm a mom, in my 30's and no one really cares anymore what I look like in a sports bra. And even if i had washboard abs again I'd still wear a shirt at the gym, or the lake, or out walking the dogs, because I'm not 22 and reveling in the attention. There's also the fact that my pregnancy left me with a herniated bellybutton and I HATE the way it looks. Permanent outie. The only fix is a quick surgery which I fully intend on doing. I just have to wait until we're done having kids.

The organized side of this endeavor will stick. I have to be more together to make it through these long weeks on my own.

In honor of my acceptance of these last three pounds, I went clothes shopping this weekend. I bought shorts, one size up, a skirt, one size up, and four tops all mediums instead of smalls. I went through my closet and threw out all clothes that, even if I was a small, I shouldn't be wearing either due to age of clothing, or mine, and I put away the items that it us unlikely I'll fit into again but want to keep 'just in case' or for my sister and her skinny little ass.

In all the excitement I also went through my shoe boxes and realized I hadn't pulled out all the heels that I stowed while pregnant and unable to squeeze into anything other than flip flops. I found my fabulous wedding shoes and wore them to work today. Yes, my wedding shoes. They are gold and black stiletto heels and cost more than my dress (which wasn't actually that expensive, but it's the principle of the matter).


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