Monday, June 18, 2012

Start the week strong!

What day are we on?? I don't remember.

After a wonderful weekend with my family and some unintended life lessons (working on a separate post for that) I drug myself out of bed this morning and managed about 2/3 of a workout before Baby A started crying. The workout was kind of kicking my butt this morning so I grabbed that excuse with enthusiasm and got Baby A up for breakfast instead of finishing the 8 minutes I had left in the workout.

What's really sad is that I had gone back to the level 1 workout to take it 'easy' this morning since I spent the whole weekend eating junk and not excercising.

"junk" includes wings and beer at Taco Mac Friday night with my husband and Baby A. French fries and a coke Saturday afternoon just because and then Papa Johns pizza, loaded, for dinner Saturday night because I was so tired I couldn't make myself get off the couch and fix the grilled salmon and salad that I had planned for the evening. I even asked my husband go order the pizza because it was just too much work to find my phone.

This week is back to the single mom nut show. My husband is out all week for work, back on Friday. My attempt for organization will be to pack my lunchs for the whole week this evening so all I have to do in the morning is make a sandwhich before hitting the door. (I don't like day old, or more, sandwhiches, they taste wrong.) Workouts at 5 am and two walks with dogs and baby each day.

Here we go!

Taco Mac Friday night. I love that we can bring her with us everywhere.

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