Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Big M Problem

My poor puppy. He has such issues.I don't even know where to start putting him back together. I don't know where or when he fell apart. He is so scared and defensive with men.

We can't have contractors in our house with Big M there. The Chinese Delivery Guy is terrified of our house. The mail carrier hates stopping at our house to drop a package. Big M lunges at the UPS delivery trucks that drive by while we're out on walks.

He's actually getting better with his reactions to other dogs, every once in a while has a relapse, but with strange men, he is so unpredictable.

Today I had to bring both Big M and Old Lady to the office because we're having our floors repaired/remodeled and we can't have Big M eating the contractors. Old Lady just tends to be under their feet, literally, and while the guys don't mind her, she doesn't need to be a pest while they're working. My mother was coming to get them but before she got here, Big M tried eating one of my good friends at work, RP Jr. It just hurts my heart that he is so scared and that I can't trust him. No one got bit, this time, but the whole reason Big M is going to my mom's is because this contractor who is in the house is the one Big M bit last year.

I am so lost with this. I never thought I would have an out of control dog and have always thought people with such crazy dogs don't know what they're doing. Old Lady is fantastic, she's my girl, she's turning into a grumpy Old Lady, but for a boxer at 11 years old with arthritis, that's not overly surprising.

Right now we're mid flooring project with the entire downstairs torn up and discovered not only rotten subflooring but the subflooring used is not what is needed for the tile we intend to put down. It won't hold. So instead of just plopping tile down and being done by Friday, we have to have the entire thing torn up and redone. Add $2000. Add massive amounts of stress and an additional 3-4 days.

Between Big M, the floors, my husbands stress at work, our stress over trying to have another baby, my blood pressure has to be through the roof. I pretty much want to just dive into a couple bottles of wine and not come up for air.

"First World Problems" Right? I know. I need to shut up.

Thankful. Remember. I'm being Thankful this year.


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