Friday, March 22, 2013

No one has ever died over tile, until now.

It should be said, that I work for a tile company. We import and distribute tile. I've been on many ends of this company and have frequently used the phrase 'no one has ever died over tile, and today is not going to be that day' when I'm in situations with customers and coworkers who are upset about something.

Well, we may have actually reached that day. My husband and I are redoing the floors in our house, which I have mentioned, and I am honestly not sure that he, I and our installer are all going to make it out of this alive.


The initial estimate of 4-5 days to tile the downstairs is now on day 10.

Now, to be fair, we found some extensive water damage and subfloor issues that had to be repaired and it added an additional 4 days or so to the whole project. Now, I know you're doing the math and that 5 days plus 4 day is a total of 9 and so we're only one day over that projection, right?

Well, here's the issue, the installer has been laying tile for four days, and we're only half way done. Even if there were no delays, no additional work, no extenuating circumstances and we were going solely on his initial estimate of a 4-5 day project. He has been laying tile for 4 days, and has only covered half the floor.

Again, to be fair, it's 745 square feet of tile. That's a lot of tile. He has two workers with him though. It's not him there by himself, that I'm aware of anyway.

My husband is about to blow a gasket. I feel like I am going to throw up, and cry. There used to be an 'or' in that sentence, it's now an 'and'. Throw up, and cry. No 'or'.

I have reached such a level of anxiety over this. The thing is, I can handle the stress of a delayed project. I can handle the inconvenience of having my house torn up for two, going on three weeks straight with my in laws scheduled to visit over Easter. And, I can handle my husband's short temper and perfectionism mixed with the need to see the negative in everything. However, I can not handle all of that at the same time.

So, again, I am fairly certain that me, the installer, and my husband are not going to all make it out alive.

I am going to my mother's this afternoon with Baby A to visit family that is in town. This visit has been planned for a while. I may just be staying at mom's house for the foreseeable future. I can't imagine that the tile will be finished before next weekend, when my in-laws arrive and I don't know what to do.

And, the best part, is not even the floors. That's only step one in this project we're doing. The upstairs guest bathroom is completely gutted. There's a tub, but the shower fixtures have been dismantled in expectation of tile. The floors are completely bare. There is no toilet. We did get the new counter top delivered and installed yesterday and it looks beautiful! It's the only thing that has gone right so far. I have no idea if we'll have a functional bathroom for my in laws when they get here. That, is the part that really has my husband in a tizzy. This whole project, upstairs and down, should have been done already based on the original plan. We're not half way done with just the downstairs.

Now, I need to go find the Tums.

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