Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thankful Post 11 - Great Neighbors

This week I am thankful that we have some really great neighbors. We live in an older section of our subdivision and most of the people around us are retired, or close to it. Sometimes I do wish we lived in an area with more children Baby A's age, but there are definitely benefits to having built in Grandma's all the way around the house! We've had one of our neighbors across the street come over during a car emergency and stay at the house for 20 minutes or so while Baby A was sleeping so my husband and I could get the car over to the shop before it closed. Another neighbor has invited us over many times to visit so Baby A is familiar with her and has offered to baby sit a dozen times or more.

And of course our wonderful friends Uncle W & Miss A and their daughter Little A (fondly called Chubs). Our daughters are 7 months apart (and the same size!) and we couldn't be more thankful that they're so close in age, and that they just live up the hill from us. We're looking forward to this summer with our girls at the park and the zoo and all the fun things Atlanta has to offer that they're old enough to enjoy this year.

We call them and they call us for all kinds of help. W recently had his car die on the side of the road. My husband helped him get the rental and get home. In the past W has helped so many times with so many things in our house I can't even begin to relate them all. He's even helped my mom while she was house/dog sitting for us and she got a hanger stuck down a drain while trying to clean it. First he took a picture just for good measure. :)

We love having W&A for close neighbors and truly appreciate everyone around us and know that if we were even in a bind we would have plenty of help on hand.

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