Friday, May 17, 2013


I'm very glad that I found my magic bagels and they have made my mornings so much easier. I"m still ridiculously late to work, but that's mostly because I think I fall asleep in the shower. Or maybe while drying my hair. It might also have something to do with the two or three books I sat on the floor and read to Baby A this morning. Whatever the cause, I just don't have the energy to worry about it. So, I'm late, again. I get my work done, no one's chasing me for things that I've missed or forgotten (yet). I'm just not going to stress about it.

The scale has started going up, which I"m a little concerned about. I know it's from all the carbs I've been eating. I don't think I've had a vegetable all week. Subway BLT's are a current staple for lunch since I can't eat lunch meat, my egg salad options makes my stomach roll and even bananas aren't really looking appetizing to me right now. Yesterday I did make a grilled cheese sandwich at the office for lunch that that went well. Dinners are rough. While I was pregnant with Baby A, I had a terrible issue with meat. I could not stand chicken or pork. Just the smell of either one sent me running for the nearest bathroom. We lived on beef for about four months. My poor husband, he was such a good sport. Every once in a while I'd put a few chicken breasts in the oven and then leave and tell him he was on his own from there. I was really hoping to avoid that issue the second time around but it's already beginning. I made pork chops a few nights ago and actually had to run to the trash can and spit out the bite I had just take because it was absolutely NOT going down. So, hotdogs and mac n cheese. Lovely. At least I"m mostly avoiding the fast food addiction. I was quite sure Baby A was going to come out looking like a Big Mac, that was the only thing I wanted during my first trimester with her. I have had a few cheese burgers, but mostly it's the fries that I want right now, so I'd like to tell myself that's better.

My stomach is starting to pooch out and my clothes aren't fitting. I pulled out a pair of maternity capris and shorts since I didn't have much summer stuff that fit to begin with and there's just no point in buying anything new right now that's not maternity.

Eight Weeks
130.2 lbs (2 lbs gained so far)
Nausea, Fatigue, Some backaches and a few headaches.

Not too bad.

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